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Protect Your Property

Are the goods you sell small in size, high in value, in great demand and easily sold on the streets? Do you keep large amounts of cash on premises? If so, you could be a target for a theft.

Reduce the chances of becoming a victim to theft from outsiders or employees:

  • Secure all doors with deadbolt locks and all windows with tamperproof locks.
  • Maintain well-lit, fenced premises.
  • Make frequent deposits of cash in a fire-resistant safe on premises.
  • Make frequent bank deposits and avoid predictable patterns by varying the times deposits are made and the routes taken to make deposits.
  • Display small, expensive items in locked display cases. Practice key controls. Ensure that only authorized associates have access to keys where valuable items are kept.
  • Implement employment screening practices and thoroughly check references.
  • Make frequent deposits of cash in a fire-resistant safe on premises.
  • Establish control procedures requiring that more than one person handle inventory and cash audits.
  • Perform frequent announced and unannounced cash and inventory audits.
  • Consider installing a closed circuit television (CCTV); it deters robbers since they can be identified.

Our loss control service is advisory only. We assume no responsibility for management or control of customer loss control activities or for implementation of recommended corrective measures. These materials were gathered from trade services and public information. We have not tried to identify all exposures. We do not warrant that this information is consistent with Cincinnati underwriting guidelines or with any federal, state or local law, regulation or ordinance.

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