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Protection Against Loss From Crime

Crime coverage indemnifies your business for loss to money, securities and other tangible business property. Your independent agent can help you choose the coverage features and limits specific to your needs to insure you against these types of crimes:

  • Employee theft of money, securities and other tangible property
  • Forgery or alteration of your checks or other promissory notes
  • Theft, disappearance or destruction of money and securities from inside your premises
  • Robbery or safe burglary of tangible property other than money from inside your premises
  • Loss to money, securities or other tangible property outside your premises while in possession of your messenger or armored motor vehicle company
  • Computer fraud: using a computer to steal your money, securities or other tangible property
  • Funds transferred out of your account because of fraudulent instructions to your bank
  • Counterfeit money orders and counterfeit money


Or, if you don’t need a wide array of coverages or higher limits, you may qualify for one of our crime bundles, XC® or XC+®. If selected, you will receive fixed limits that insure against a variety of potential exposures for a flat premium charge.

Social Engineering Fraud – Consider adding an additional coverage option for this evolving kind of crime. It involves scams committed to trick an unsuspecting employee into parting with your money, securities or tangible property by using email, phone calls or other means.

Contact your independent agent to learn more about the various other crime coverages available to reimburse you for the loss of assets you have worked so hard to accumulate.

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