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Protection for Your Commercial Property

Cincinnati's standard commercial property policy comes loaded with coverages for:

  • buildings, including additions under construction, permanently installed machinery and building glass
  • business personal property
  • leased business personal property used in your business
  • property of others left in your care for which you are legally liable
  • sales samples

Your business personal property doesn’t stay in one place, and neither does your coverage. Cincinnati's policy covers your business personal property while in transit, at trade shows or temporarily at locations you don’t own or lease.

After a covered loss, your policy may pay for the extra costs of:

  • removing debris of covered property from your premises
  • cleaning up pollutants from land and water on your premises
  • taking inventory and preparing claims statements
  • securing appraisals
  • recharging fire extinguishers
  • complying with ordinances or laws when rebuilding or repairing your building

If your business is a large operation (high values, multiple locations or business personal property that frequently moves between those locations), we have a product specifically for you. Cincinnati's Commercial Output Policy combines property coverages (your buildings and business personal property) with inland marine coverage (your computers, tools, valuable papers and fine arts). Combining both kinds of property into the same form simplifies determining the value of lost property and the amount you can recover after a loss, reducing the chances of coverage gaps. A total blanket limit of insurance, which you determine, applies to all locations where you conduct operations.

A property loss can slow down or even stop your operation until repairs are made – and that may mean lost income. You can purchase several business income coverages that can reimburse your loss of income and necessary extra expenses you incur to keep your business operating after a covered loss.

Options to Suit Your Needs

  • Building laws safeguard coverage (ordinance or law coverage) – provides coverage for the necessary demolition of the undamaged portion of your building and subsequent upgrades to meet current building codes after a covered loss.
  • Inflation guard coverage – provides coverage for inflationary increases in your building and business personal property values. The limit of insurance on your policy automatically increases at the annual percentage rate you choose.
  • Equipment breakdown coverage– provides coverage for loss resulting from the sudden and accidental breakdown of machinery and equipment used in your business.
  • Utility services – provides coverage when a covered loss to a power, communication or water utility interrupts service to your premises, which then causes a covered loss to your building, business personal property or loss of income.
  • CinciPlus® Commercial Property XC® and Commercial Property Power XC® Endorsements – provide increased coverage that protects you from a variety of exposures – at a much lower price than if you purchased each coverage separately.
  • CinciPlus® Commercial Property XC+® and Commercial Property Power XC+® Endorsements – provide the same benefits as the Property XC, expanding coverage even more.
  • Data Compromise and Identity Recovery Expense Coverage – provides services to assist you in preventing and responding to a breach of personal identifying information of your customers, clients or employees. You also receive identity management services as an individual business owner, if you become the victim of an identity theft or account takeover.
  • Crisis Event Coverage - provides expenses you may incur from a crisis event at your premises that threatens people, property, or your ability to resume regular business operations.

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