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Contract creation, execution and negotiation can be a complex task. It’s also a necessary part of every contractor’s job.

The Cincinnati Insurance Companies have teamed up with ConsensusDocs­­ to offer our contractor policyholders access to a full suite of construction contracts and forms that can improve the experience and outcome of contract negotiations.

With more than 100 customizable contracts available, you’ll have the tools you need – whether you’re at the office, at home or on the go – to start every project with a solid contractual foundation. From agreements that address issues today’s builders face – building information modeling, green construction, integrated project delivery and design-build – to everyday standard contracts, you can adapt ConsensusDocs’ templates to fit your specific project needs.

How Does It Work?

Using a secure, web-based portal, you can easily locate projects, edit contracts, review collaborator changes or start a new contract.

The program is free to Cincinnati policyholders for the first year, with reduced rate renewals available after that for as long as you’re a Cincinnati Insurance policyholder. Contracts have been drafted, ratified and endorsed by more than 40 industry organizations, and they are designed to fairly and appropriately allocate risks to the party in the best position to manage and control the risk – a real advantage at the negotiating table.

How Do I Sign Up?

Contact your local independent insurance agent representing Cincinnati for information on how to register.

Cincinnati does not warrant any services that may be provided by third-party affiliates.

The selection of a particular service provider is the independent choice of the policyholder. Service providers are not affiliated with The Cincinnati Insurance Companies. Cincinnati and its employees make no warranties and assume no liability for services, products or loss control measures provided by service providers.

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