GPS, vehicle diagnostics and driver rewards – these tools can keep your team and community safe, and your business running smoothly. Let us help.

RideWell Fleet is a robust commercial fleet telematics program designed exclusively for Cincinnati Insurance policyholders. Delivered and administered by Azuga, it leverages Azuga’s experience as the leading provider of commercial auto insurance telematics programs with tools to improve driver safety, accountability and efficiency. From the moment your first driver turns on the ignition until your last driver signs out, Azuga is on the job – tracking, analyzing and reporting – every mile, every stop, every vehicle to improve safety and efficiency.



Complete your registration for the RideWell Fleet program to access a full suite of fleet-tracking services, customizable to your business’s needs, including tools to help you:

  • Manage fleet operations and health
  • Build driver behavior and safety
  • Gain insights through powerful reporting
  • Receive real-time alerts
  • Increase capabilities for complex fleets



Through technological and behavior-based features – an instant-install app, on-board diagnostic devices, an intuitive cloud-based management portal and a focus on gamification and driver rewards – this fleet tracking program offers real, significant and lasting benefits. Azuga’s fleet tracking is:

Easy to use: No installation costs, no downtime. Data pours into your business’s secure management portal, providing instant insight and reporting that’s easy to read and use, helping you:

  • Keep tabs on your fleet – Use the live map view to see where your fleet is at all times. Job, driver, speed, location and weather information is available instantly.
  • Put safety first – Use information accrued on speeding, hard braking, cell phone distractions1 and service warnings to keep drivers and vehicles performing at their best.

Engaging for workers: Unlike safety programs that are punitive, the Azuga approach engages and motivates drivers. Through an easy-to-administer driver rewards program that features self- and group competition, drivers are motivated to drive safely. When they compete, you win: elevating a culture of safety and retaining top talent.

Effective, producing positive results: You’ll manage a safer, less costly and more efficient fleet. No gotchas, up-front costs, punishing contracts or termination fees. For one price you get it all: data and reports for control and savings, driver safety scores and rewards, vehicle maintenance and more.



As a Cincinnati policyholder, you are eligible to receive access to fleet tracking services at discounted rates. Your low annual subscription is just $17 per device per month2. Service includes the telematics plug and play device, fleet access to Azuga portal, driver scoring, driver and fleet manager smart phone app, preferred fleet customer support, initial set-up and training, daily data feed, custom reporting and more.

Registering is easy. Simply visit our RideWell Fleet page to sign up. To learn more about the program, call 513-973-3644 or email ridewellfleet@cinfin.com. A RideWell Fleet expert will assist you through your options and help customize a program that matches your needs.

1Requires add-on or services from Azuga engineering or data sciences teams

2Offers may vary by state, with additional discounts available in North Carolina and Ohio

The selection of a service provider is the independent choice of the policyholder. Service providers are not affiliated with The Cincinnati Insurance Companies. Cincinnati and its employees make no warranties and assume no liability for services, products or loss control measures provided by service providers.

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