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Protection for Your Business Data and Personal Identity

Focus on your business, knowing you have the necessary cyber risk coverage to keep your organization protected. Tailor your coverage through our three options: Cincinnati Data Defender™, Cincinnati Network Defender™ and Cincinnati Cyber Defense™.

Cincinnati Data Defender

  • Breach response expense and services – Coverage for responding to a data breach, including expenses for assisting all those affected
  • Defense and liability – Financial protection for legal action following a data breach
  • Identity recovery – Reimbursement and personal services to help owners or key employees with recovery following identity theft
  • Purchase this separately or combine it with Cincinnati Network Defender

Cincinnati Network Defender

  • Computer attack – Coverage to recover from a cyberattack, such as ransomware, including cyber extortion expenses, data and system restoration, lost income and public relations expenses
  • Network security and electronic media liability – Financial protection for legal action following a computer attack or allegations of injuries arising from your electronic communications
  • Purchase this separately or combine it with Cincinnati Data Defender

Cincinnati Cyber Defense

For businesses with more complex exposure, our broadest product automatically includes:

  • Breach response expense and services, and reputational harm coverage1
  • Identity recovery protection that provides reimbursement and personal services to help owners or key employees with recovery following identity theft

You can further customize your Cyber Defense protection by choosing from the following robust options: 

  • Computer attack – Coverage to recover from cyberattack, including data and system restoration and public relations expenses
  • Loss of business income – Coverage to recover from the financial impacts of a computer attack or system failure2
  • Cyber extortion – Coverage for responding to an extortion threat, such as ransomware, against your systems or data and to retain your own investigator
  • Data compromise liability3 – Defense and liability coverage for legal action you may face as the result of data breach, or as the result of other data handling and data privacy practices
  • Media liability4 – Pays defense and settlement costs if a third-party claimant sues you alleging that your electronic or other communications resulted in defamation, privacy violations, publicity rights or copyright/trademark infringement
  • Network security liability – Financial protection for legal action following a computer attack

1Reputational harm coverage is not available in New York.
2Loss of business income due to system failure is not available in New York.
3Data compromise liability is limited to data breach liability in New York.
4Media liability coverage is limited to electronic media liability coverage in New York.

Any of our three cyber risk products can be added to our management liability policies in eligible states. Cincinnati Data Defender and Cincinnati Network Defender are available on commercial package policies.

Loss Control And Risk Management Resources

These preventive resources are included with Cincinnati’s Cyber coverages. Convenient support is available any time through an online cyber risk management portal that provides:

  • incident response plan roadmaps with suggested steps you can take following a data breach
  • online training on data privacy and identity theft prevention best practices
  • risk management tools to assist you in managing data breach exposures. Tools include self-assessments, a guide to state breach notification laws, and breach cost calculators to help determine the appropriate limits
  • an online directory that quickly links you to external pre- and post-breach resources such as law firms, public relations firms, professional IT consultants and more
  • a news center that provides articles about cyber risk, security and compliance blogs, security news, risk management events and helpful industry links
  • a learning center that presents best practices and white papers written by leading authorities

Cyber policyholders also gain access to complimentary pre-breach consulting service calls for up to one hour each with highly qualified breach attorneys and cyber security experts.

Resources To Mitigate A Cyberattack

Cincinnati's cyber coverages also include access to an online risk management portal that provides news, information and tools to help you mitigate a hacking event, virus infection or other cyberattack before they occur, such as:

  • learning center content on cybercrime, data security, risk management and security awareness
  • news center links to timely articles and the latest computer and network security news
  • risk management tools such as assessments, guides, sample policies, forms and templates 
  • brief security training videos for education about business security and privacy awareness topics

The portal also offers an optional technical support service you can subscribe to for a nominal fee for assistance troubleshooting, diagnosing and fixing common computer problems, such as finding and removing viruses.

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