Keep Delivery Drivers Safe

Delivery drivers are an easy mark for thieves. To reduce opportunities for crime, organizations can limit exposures by developing policies and procedures, holding staff accountable for policy violations and asking delivery drivers to increase vigilance while on the job. Consider these tips and best practices.

Managers Can Help Keep Drivers Safe

  • Document first and last names, as well as telephone numbers on all orders.
  • Require a call-back to verify names and telephone numbers on all orders.
  • Retain a copy of all orders.
  • Ask customers to turn on their porch and front room lights to expedite delivery.
  • Limit transactions to credit cards or mobile apps, if possible, to limit cash on hand.
  • Limit the amount of cash delivery staff can carry
  • Require that excess cash be deposited or stored at a secured location in the business, deterring robberies, potential employee theft and false reporting of robberies.
  • Request that drivers call in between deliveries.
  • Ask drivers to check in with a manager when exiting and re-entering the vehicle when delivering to areas of concern.

Delivery Staff Can Assist in Reducing Robberies

Remember that the majority of delivery robberies occur under the cover of darkness, in poorly lit or unlit areas, so drivers can be safer if they:

  • Park in well-lit areas.
  • Keep a working flashlight and use it when approaching a house after dark.
  • Keep doors locked until exiting to make the delivery.
  • Be alert of suspicious people loitering nearby when making deliveries. If they see suspicious activity, arrange a call-back, have the customer come to the door and ask them to wait until after the delivery is made.
  • Do not exit the car if the address given is dark or appears vacant. Drive around the block and call the customer back to verify the address. If the address is verified, ask them to turn a light on and wait for the driver.
  • Don't carry personal cash or valuables when delivering.

Please contact your local independent agent with questions for your Cincinnati Insurance loss control representative or would like to discuss robbery-prevention measures that are specific to your business.

Our loss control service is advisory only. We assume no responsibility for management or control of customer loss control activities or for implementation of recommended corrective measures. These materials were gathered from trade services and public information. We have not tried to identify all exposures. We do not warrant that this information is consistent with Cincinnati underwriting guidelines or with any federal, state or local law, regulation or ordinance.


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