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From running operations and managing staff to meeting government regulations and, most importantly, providing high-quality patient care, health care providers have a lot to keep up with. 

The Cincinnati Insurance Companies have teamed up with Pendulum, a well-regarded vendor of clinical risk management services,­­ to offer our health care professional liability policyholders access to an online database of resources relevant to health care organizations, along with the ability to obtain clinical risk management consultation when needed.


With more than 2,100 resource documents – many of which are customizable to fit your organization’s needs – you’ll have the tools you need to manage day-to-day needs and long-term goals:

  • Administrative assistance Documents that assist with employee management and the clerical side of patient care, including: audit and survey management tools; reports; articles; regulatory guidelines; self-assessment checklists; and arbitration and mediation agreements.
  • Clinical assistance Resources that assist with operating your health care facility to best practice standards, including: clinical policies, procedures and guidelines; assessment forms and checklists; shared risk agreements; aging-related risk language; and risk-reduction recommendations.
  • Professional expertise – Through eAssist™, clinicians schooled in home health care, skilled nursing, assisted living, independent elder living, hospice and more are ready to assist with clinical and procedural questions on standards of care, governmental regulations and more. Pendulum subscribers simply submit your question regarding any area of health care risk management via Pendulum's email portal to receive a direct response.
  • Industry news – Regularly updated information helps you stay current on issues and trends affecting the health care environment. With Pendulum, you get the status and details of key healthcare legislation – when a bill was introduced, its sponsors, status details and any current actions as well as corresponding news and blog coverage.

This loss control program is provided at no additional cost to Cincinnati's health care professional liability policyholders to bring you more resources to help you better serve your patients and residents.


Visit Pendulum's registration page to sign up. Contact your local independent insurance agent representing Cincinnati for information on how to register, and receive your Cincinnati-specific discount code.

The selection of a service provider is the independent choice of the policyholder. Service providers are not affiliated with The Cincinnati Insurance Companies. Cincinnati and its employees make no warranties and assume no liability for services, products or loss control measures provided by service providers.

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