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Look to your independent agent and The Cincinnati Insurance Companies to receive account stewardship, ongoing engagement and communication throughout the policy term, forming deep relationships to proactively manage your business risk.


Your Cincinnati experience starts with experts who review your business and understand how to help protect it. They'll work with you to identify your insurances needs and customize service plans to best serve your business needs. Service plans may include loss control service, claims reviews and access to our Cincinnati RiskManagerSM online platform for claims management. All are part of a year-round relationship that delivers the best value to you. 

Begin building your program by selecting from multiple commercial package policies offering the standard property or liability coverages needed by all businesses and, in some cases, built-in features. They will customize your insurance programs offering:


Cincinnati offers flexibility for a wide variety of businesses and can complete your insurance package with customized options and additional coverage for the risks common in your industry, yet specific to your business:


Along with insurance protection, you receive Cincinnati’s proactive, collaborative loss control services from a department of technical specialists with an average of 29 years of experience. You’ll receive a single point of contact to coordinate services to help you reduce costs, financially protect your business, keep your employees safe and continuously improve your program. You benefit with:

  • Increased productivity
  • Greater compliance with mandated regulations
  • Lower cost of risk

Cincinnati helps you with these general, but important loss prevention topics:

  • Fire protection and safety equipment, including system evaluation and design reviews
  • Building and parking lot housekeeping, security and safety
  • Contractual risk transfer expertise
  • Accident investigation practices
  • Quality management programs
  • Thermal imagery scans to identify potential hazards

To help you take care of the workers who keep your business going, consider these resources available:

  • Injury and illness prevention programs
  • Accident/incident investigation
  • Occupational disease exposure
  • Industrial hygiene services, including occupational disease and noise monitoring
  • Return-to-work and stay-at-work programs

Contact your agent to learn more about all the products and services available to you, including how we fulfill our promises.

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