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Business Insurance Basics

What Is Business Insurance?
Business insurance transfers the financial consequences of certain business losses to an insurance company. Cincinnati offers propertyliabilityautomobile and professional coverages for businesses of most types and sizes. Always choose value over price alone and let an independent agent representing Cincinnati help you with your insurance protection.

How Do I Choose the Right Company?
All companies are not alike. When you and your agent choose an insurance company, ask about its financial strength and its reputation for claims service. Consider how much it’s worth to you that your insurance company remains financially sound and responds to claims person to person, paying all that is due under each policy. Cincinnati rates high in all these areas as evidenced by our published rankings, providing value to its policyholders.

Who Needs Business Insurance?
Any individual, partnership or corporation involved in a trade, profession or occupation needs insurance.

Why is Business Insurance Needed?
Business insurance protects your business when a covered loss disrupts your workflow or results in a devastating financial burden. We can care for your insurance needs with a variety of insurance products that can be tailored to your specific business.

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