One of the most significant threats to your home, its contents and those living there is a fire. If you're building a new home or planning a major renovation of your existing home, consider installing or retrofitting with a fire sprinkler system. Sprinklers save lives.

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Why has almost every insurance company taken a stance against Federal Pacific Stab-Lok circuit breakers? Short answer: They are known for starting fires.

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Portable, outdoor gas-fired heaters – or patio heaters – are increasingly popular for use at home and in outdoor seating at restaurants, especially with colder weather fast approaching. While the heaters offer comfort, using them involves potential risks.

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Grilling season is here, and with all the social distancing that 2020 has brought us, consumers are eager to do more home cooking at their backyard grills. Unfortunately, each summer season also brings numerous home fires and burn injuries associated with outdoor grilling activities.

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With the dine-in restaurant world shut down, we are cooking more at home – and we have the grocery bills to prove it. But with more cooking and more time being spent at home comes the very real potential for kitchen-related fires and burns, including to children.

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Fire Protection

A fire doubles in size every minute. This rapid escalation means that early detection and prompt fire department response are critical to saving lives and property. Practice fire safety and live with confidence that if a fire occurs, you have prepared your family.

Preventative Measures:

  • Central Station Monitored Fire Alarm System – A centrally monitored fire alarm system provides early warning of a fire 24 hours a day. Your system should include a combination of smoke and heat detectors located throughout the home. Place heat detectors in the garage, attic and mechanical areas.
  • Residential Sprinkler System – A residential sprinkler system provides additional protection in the event of a fire. This system can help contain and potentially extinguish a fire. Water flow alarms will notify connected monitoring alarm companies of the fire should one occur.
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