Personal Auto Plus Endorsement

With Cincinnati’s Personal Auto Plus Endorsement, you can choose to take your family’s coverage above and beyond what is available in a standard auto policy.

  • Air Bag Replacement – Pays the reasonable and necessary costs to replace your air bag that accidentally deploys without the occurrence of an accident. You pay no deductible.
  • Safety Restraint Benefit – Doubles your coverage amount available for medical payments when you or any occupant of your covered auto is injured in an accident while wearing a manufacturer-installed seatbelt or using a child’s safety restraint seat. To qualify, you must first select the optional Part B – Medical Payments Coverage for the covered auto. (Not available in NJ, PA and the District of Columbia)
  • Transportation Expenses – Increases your coverage amount available for temporary transportation expenses to $50 a day up to a total of $1,500. These amounts more than double the standard auto benefit of $20 per day up to a total of $600. Coverage applies when you are unable to use your covered auto due to a covered loss. You pay no deductible.
  • Roadside Assistance – Increases the coverage amount to $2501 (unless the amount shown in the Declarations is greater) when optional roadside assistance coverage is included on your covered auto. 
  • Deductible Waiver – Waives any applicable deductible you would otherwise pay when your auto is a total loss due to a covered collision or other-than-collision loss. (Except Pennsylvania)
  • Supplementary Payments – Increases the Supplementary Payment benefit from $500 to $5,000 when a covered loss causes the death of you or your spouse. (Except Missouri)
  • Trip Interruption – Pays up to $600 for your reasonable additional expenses for transportation, lodging and meals when you or a family member cannot use your covered auto for at least 24 hours due to a covered accident, mechanical or electrical breakdown. To qualify, you must be traveling more than 100 miles from your residence. You pay no deductible. (Except New Hampshire)
  • Lock Replacement – Pays up to $1,500 to replace your door locks when someone loses or steals your keys to your covered auto, as long as you notify us in writing within 72 hours after discovering the loss. You pay no deductible.
  • Child Safety Seat Replacement – Covers, without depreciation, your installed child safety seat after a covered loss.  You pay no deductible. (Not available in MN, PA and SC)
  • Glass Deductible Waiver – Waives your deductible for glass replacement after a covered loss. (Not available in AZ, CT, FL, ID, KY, MN, SC, NY and OR)
1Limit varies by state and may contain a towing distance limitation


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