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Capstone Collector Auto Coverage

As a classic or antique car owner, you take pride in your collection. Know that with Cincinnati you can insure it with our Capstone Collector Auto Coverage. You receive coverage for an agreed value and the same road service protecting your everyday car, plus:

  • Diminution in value – In the event that your auto diminishes in value after repairing covered damage, we’ll honor the agreed value if you later suffer a total loss.
  • Spare parts – You probably keep rare spare parts on hand for repairs to your collector car. We’ll cover those parts for direct or accidental damage.


With a single policy, you’ll have the flexibility to insure all your personally owned vehicles, antique or collector vehicles, motorcycles or motorhomes and receive one bill, with one renewal date and one agent. We’ll be with you on the road ahead and beyond.

Features of this program include:

  • Agreed value – In the event of a total loss, you receive the full agreed value of the auto with no surprises.
  • New car replacement for qualified autos – If your new auto is totaled or stolen, it’s replaced with a vehicle in the most recent model year.
  • Original equipment manufacturer parts – Your policy covers the cost to use only OEM parts on your vehicle.
  • Transportation expense – While your car is being repaired after a covered loss, you receive a rental with no daily expense limit. Your policy also provides coverage while driving your rental replacement vehicle. (Not available in VA.)
  • No deductible – after a covered event, you pay no deductible for replacement of airbags, glass repair or replacement, child safety restraint seat replacement, lock replacement or injury to a pet. (Coverages vary by state.)
  • Roadside assistance – You recover your emergency repair, towing and labor expenses if your vehicle is disabled, including delivery of gas, tires or batteries to the place of disablement.
  • Trip interruption expenses – If your vehicle is damaged or breaks down when you’re traveling more than 50 miles away from home, you can recover your incurred expenses for meals and lodging.
  • Worldwide liability except in areas under US economic or travel restrictions.
  • Cash Settlement Option – You have the option to accept a cash settlement when the physical damage to the auto is 50% or more of the agreed value. (in some states)



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