Where Do I Fit In?

Faced with a serious loss – whether from a fire, severe weather, an automobile accident or the death of a loved one – most people wonder how they will ever recover. In that moment, wondering how life will ever get back to normal can feel overwhelming, if not impossible. 

Do you feel inspired to help those in need? People who work in the insurance industry assist policyholders and claimants who need their stability restored so they can move forward after a loss. You could become a valuable part of an industry that helps put people back on their feet after they’ve experienced the unimaginable. No matter your background or field of study, if you believe in putting people first, you can find a home at The Cincinnati Insurance Companies! 

We work to support the independent agents who have entrusted us to protect and indemnify their clients through excellent service, competitive products and financial stability. We do this by:

  • Having a local presence in the cities where the agents we appoint do business. Our field associates serve agents and their personal, business and life insurance clients, helping them to understand our products, prevent loss and recover in the event of a claim. 
  • Supporting agents, field associates, policyholders, claimants and shareholders from our headquarters in Fairfield, Ohio. Our headquarters associates provide services in areas like information technology, analytics, underwriting, administrative services, sales and marketing and more.

Together, we demonstrate how Actions Speak Louder in Person® – each action we take can bring a positive outcome. Ready to see where your journey can begin? Use the chart below to find a role you might be suited for based on your major.

 If your major is: You may be suited for
Economics, Finance, Marketing, Business, Entrepreneurship, Accounting Underwriter, Bond Underwriter, Marketing Representative, Premium Auditor, Accountant, Contract Specialist
Liberal Arts, History, Psychology, Sociology Field Claims Representative, Marketing Representative
Math, Science, Computer Science, Information Technology Actuarial Analyst, Field Claims Representative, IT Developer, Loss Control Consultant, Underwriter, Contract Specialist
Criminology, Law Field Claims Representative, Claims Examiner, Underwriter, Contract Specialist
Engineering Claims Examiner, Loss Control Consultant, Underwriter
Health Science, Nursing Field Claims Representative, Loss Control Consultant, Workers’ Compensation Specialist


Read more about our associates’ Cincinnati Insurance experience…

Jiang Ming Ming, Information Technology Developer: I’m surrounded by so many talented, committed and hardworking colleagues, and I’m given so many opportunities to learn, provide service and make a difference. Be like a sponge and never stop learning. Focusing on learning not only the technology, but also the insurance business helps me understand what my customers need, which enables me to develop better applications.
Kellie Anderson Kellie, Loss Control Field Supervisor: Our efforts go well beyond bringing profitability to Cincinnati's bottom line. In fact, our primary focus is our insureds: how we can help them protect their businesses, enjoy success and experience profitability. In essence, their success – and helping them successfully manage their risks – are our reward!
Rex Cabrera Rex, Customer Care Center Manager: While I was pulling up her account, she told me her husband had recently passed away and he had handled all the bills. Sure enough, her account showed that payments had always been made on time except for this one. I know how hard it can be when you lose someone close to you and immediately wanted to help her.
Crystal Scott Crystal, Field Claims Coordinator: I wanted the policyholder's experience to be seamless. Cincinnati claims service is about being there in the hard times. We get to be that personal extension of Cincinnati to our policyholders.
Jim Brame Jim, Field Claims Superintendent: I want to treat people like I want to be treated. I always ask, what I would want if the roles were reversed?
Kristi Schaible Kristi, Life Policy Customer Service Representative: I answer questions from policyholders and agents all day, and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t learn something new. I enjoy the variety of my role and that there is always something to learn. I’d tell new associates to focus on customer service. Learn your job and take advantage of classes and the knowledge of your coworkers all around you.