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Personal Policyholder Stories

From Jennifer R., a personal policyholder, client of Peck-Glasgow Agency, Madison, AL: “My field claims representative called me right away and was so very understanding and supportive. She listened to everything I had to say, and she was very caring at such an upsetting time. She has been in constant contact with me and has done everything she could to speed the process along. In a time when excellent customer service can be hard to find, I needed to tell you that you have a real gem of an employee.” 

From Mike R., a personal policyholder, client of Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services, Muscatine, IA: “I was not expecting a settlement check for at least 30 days, and it arrived in our mailbox today. I am absolutely, positively sold on and impressed with Cincinnati Insurance, but even more so, completely sold on my field claims representative. She could not possibly have provided any better, fairer, more professional or faster service than she did in this recent claim.”

From Deborah and David V., personal policyholders, clients of The McClone Agency, Sheboygan, WI: “My wife and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome of our recent claim. I feel like a part of the Cincinnati family. We have been with Cincinnati for quite some time and our claims were always handled promptly and fairly. We were grateful for the professional and courteous way we were treated. I will strongly advocate on Cincinnati’s behalf and find every opportunity to recommend Cincinnati to all my friends, family and acquaintances.” 

From Susan L., a personal policyholder, client of Frost & Conn, State College, PA: “I want you to know the amazing experience I’ve had with your field claims superintendent. From the first day he met with me at our home to the last smallest detail, he’s been a pleasure to work with in every way! Our situation, to the say the least, was involved, challenging, time consuming and expensive. It was difficult for me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. He made an immediate property visit, was most polite, professional and compassionate. He assured me everything was fixable and would be okay. He provided me with the best and much needed technical support. He kept me calm and focused throughout the entire process. My satisfaction and happiness was always paramount to him! I am one of the lucky ones to have had Cincinnati on my side.”

From Charlie Y., a personal policyholder, client of Yates Insurance Agency, Atlanta, GA: “I want to thank our claims representative for all of his work in helping us get our house put back together. We were very happy to have him and Cincinnati on our side from day one, and we are pleased that our house has been put back together in relatively short order. I hope that we won’t have to call on him again for home or car problems any time soon, but if we do, we know we can do it with confidence that any issues will be ironed out smoothly.”

From Victoria H., a personal policyholder, client of Fountain, Parker, Harbarger & Associates, LLC, Huntsville, AL: “My field claims representativemade sure to keep me up to speed with the entire process. He was also very kind and understanding of my situation, which made the process less stressful and overwhelming. I plan to stay with Cincinnati Insurance and have absolutely recommended the company to people I know.”

From James F., a personal policyholder, client of LifeStore Insurance, Elkin, NC: “Our family received exemplary service from our field claims representative. She handled our claim with speed, efficiency and professionalism. She helped ease the recovery from the accident and greatly minimized our inconvenience. She made us thankful to be insured by your company.”     

From Wendy B., a personal policyholder, client of BXS Insurance, Nacogdoches, TX: “Cincinnati has been the best insurance experience I have ever had. With our recent claims, I also discovered our agent sold us a wonderful policy and gave us excellent coverage, and I am so appreciative for their watchful eyes. The Cincinnati staff is obviously incredibly well trained from a service aspect, but also knowledgeable My field claims representative went above and beyond to make sure my claim was processed quickly and accurately.”

From James D., a homeowner policyholder, client of Bates, Roberts, Fowlkes & Jackson, Birmingham, AL: “I cannot speak highly enough of the way my field claims representative handled this claim. He showed up early to inspect the damage. He was able to coordinate our temporary dwelling, which was first rate, and made several follow-up calls to check on the status of the project. And quite importantly for us, he got the claim paid quickly and to our satisfaction.”

From John L., a homeowner policyholder, client of Lowry & Associates Inc., Charlotte, NC: “I could not have done it without my field claims representative’s consistent service to us. From the beginning, he told me what he needed: estimates, photos, progress information. He was clear about the deductible and applied it to the first payment. After that, each part of the claim that was documented he paid promptly. On one holiday he dropped off a check because there was no mail delivery. That was a relief, because that made it possible for me to pay for repairs without incurring debt. He is both a professional and a pleasure to work with. I hope I have no more insurance claims. If I do, I also hope the claims go as smoothly as this one.”

From Mike E.,an auto policyholder, client of Reichley Insurance Agency Inc., Beavercreek, OH: “Thank you so much for your quick resolution and payment. We have had Cincinnati Insurance for probably 35 years. During that time, we had a few claims on our cars and a couple on the house. You guys have never failed to respond quickly and fairly. We could not ask for more from our insurance company.”

From Kelly F., a homeowner policyholder, client of Overmyer Hall Associates, Columbus, OH: “My field claims representative has been exceptional in every way! She is extremely diligent, professional, and yet able to add a personal and compassionate touch in a difficult situation. She makes the entire process clear and organized and is prompt in her responses. Honestly, working through the insurance claim with her has been the most positive part of the situation in my home. Thank you for such a positive experience.”

From Cedric J., a homeowner policyholder, client of Charles H. Litaker, Inc., Charlotte, NC: “I want to thank my field claims representative and Cincinnati Insurance for the professional way my claim was handled. During this very tough and emotional time for my family, we found comfort in the stability offered by Cincinnati. Every member of the team we have worked with has been top-notch. However, having my field claims representative as a resource has been extremely special throughout this entire process. Her knowledge and willingness to help has been second to none. It truly was a blessing to have her assigned to our claim. During the past few months, we all have been a walking billboard for Cincinnati Insurance. We've been telling anyone who will listen how great you all are and will continue to do so.”

From Paul W., a homeowner policyholder, client of Carroll Realty & Insurance Company, Inc., Carrollton, GA: “I just had to write to tell you how pleased I am with how our complex property claims specialist has gone above and beyond to make sure I received 5-Star service! Your company has far exceeded my expectations, and I know it is because of the awesome people who work for you. I will sum up my review by saying that I have felt like I have been your only client and our claims specialist and her crew of vendors and mitigators have been 110% committed to excellence and personal attention to my satisfaction.”

From Basil J., a homeowner policyholder, client of Rosemeyer Agency, Fort Branch, IN: “Our claims representative was an excellent representative for your company! She was here promptly, was very knowledgeable, very helpful and always available to answer questions – even after business hours! I will recommend your company and our claims representative to each of our friends and acquaintances. Thank you for being there when we needed you.”

From Oscar B., an auto policyholder, client of Higginbotham Insurance Agency, Inc., Houston, TX: “I wanted to pass along the truly outstanding service that my field claims representative has provided me regarding my claim. She has been responsive all along the way. Truly great consistent communication especially during this time of hardship. Again, I can’t say enough in a world of impersonal service how happy and impressed I was with her.”

Business Policyholder Stories  

From Laura D., a business policyholder, client of Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services, Inc., Peoria, IL: “One of our employees was injured in the workplace and a workers’ compensation claim was filed. With no prior knowledge of how to navigate a workers’ compensation claim, having our field claims representative as a resource was invaluable. He made himself completely available to us by phone as well as face to face, when necessary. We cannot express the level of appreciation we have for the dedication and diligence he consistently demonstrated. We probably asked every question in the book and were curious about all possible scenarios and outcomes. He assured us that no question was too small or off base. No employer wants to be involved in a workers’ compensation case, but his candor and ability to guide us through each step made the entire process as positive as possible.”

From Jeff C., a business policyholder, client of Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services, Inc., Cincinnati, OH: “I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am for what our field claims representative and Cincinnati did for us. When she showed up and explained the process and put us at ease that we would get through this, a total sense of calm and relief came over me. Then all these experts soon arrived, and we knew we were with a great group of professionals working in conjunction with our local folks to get us back in business. All of you could not have been more helpful and confidence-building for our business. So, thanks for all you did – circumstances aside, it was a real pleasure.”

Life Policyholder Stories

From Rose L., a life policy beneficiary, a client of W.E. Davis Insurance Agency Inc., Columbus, OH: “We spoke with an associate claims processer in your Life Claims department. She was very kind and patient yet informative of what we would need to do. Follow up emails and additional help after the initial call were clear yet still kind. Especially now with all of the anxiety we have in the world, it’s nice to know people like her are out there to help us through the heartache and tough times.”

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