Does your emergency preparedness plan include a generator? Whether you’re facing a public safety power shutoff in California due to red flag wildfire conditions or an ice storm, heavy snow or hurricane that downed power lines or another manmade or environmental emergency, it’s a good idea to be ready for power outages.

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Pandemic closures of dine-in restaurants prompted more people to cook at home – and many have continued the trend. But with more cooking and more time being spent at home comes the very real potential for kitchen-related fires and burns, including to children.

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The monthly fee for a monitored fire alarm system can be worth the expense in peace of mind and far offset the expense of a loss.

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Fifteen of every 16 homes have a smoke alarm, according to the National Fire Protection Association and United States Fire Administration. However, only three-quarters have a working smoke alarm. Smoke alarms are easy to install and, more importantly, they are an inexpensive way to keep your family alive in case of a fire.

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Home Safety

Claims experience shows that theft losses are preventable when you install and activate a central station burglar alarm in your home.

Central Station Monitored Burglar Alarm System – These systems send an immediate signal to an alarm company that will notify the authorities of unauthorized entry. A monitored burglar alarm system provides greater security for your family and mitigates the potential for a loss.

Once you have installed one or more of these alarms and contracted with a monitoring company, please notify your independent agent, and they will determine whether the alarm qualifies you for a premium credit.

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