Capstone Umbrella & Endorsements



Protects against covered losses exceeding the amount of liability insurance you have under your home, auto or other primary insurance coverage policy up to $100 million.

Optional features you’ll appreciate, not available in all states, additional premiums may apply:

  • Employment practices liability coverage1:
    • Gives you additional liability coverage when employees work in your home and you add coverage to your Cincinnati Umbrella policy.
    • Covers up to five residence employees.
    • Provides defense costs and covers judgements against allegations of wrongful termination, sexual harassment and discrimination.
    • Offers limit options:
      • $250,000
      • $500,000
      • $1 million with a $10,000 deductible
  • Not-for-profit directors and officers liability coverage1 – Provides additional limits, starting at $1 million of coverage when you or your spouse are accused of committing wrongful acts while performing duties as a director or officer and others as defined by the policy.
  • Supplemental defense coverage1 (Executive Capstone or Executive Classic required) – Reimburses additional defense costs when a policyholder chooses to consult with a law firm about their defense covered by the policy.
  • Excess uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage offers limits of up to $10 million – Please contact your agent for more information.
  • Uninsured or underinsured, other than automobile, liability coverage1 – Provides additional coverage for expenses after a covered incident that is unrelated to an auto and caused by someone with no, or inadequate liability coverage.

1Umbrella limit of $5 million or higher required.

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