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Protecting Your Collections

You’ve worked hard and made smart choices to get where you are today. Continuing that trend, you can protect your precious and valuable items at their appraised values rather than the limited amount included in your homeowner policy for jewelry, furs, fine arts, collectibles or firearms. Cincinnati’s personal articles coverage can insure all your treasured items for most types of losses, even while traveling abroad. With the Capstone Personal Articles Policy, you receive:

  • Worldwide protection – Coverage for accidental loss or damage of your scheduled personal property while overseas, except in areas under economic trade sanctions or travel ban.
  • Newly acquired items coverage – Receive protection for up to 90 days on newly acquired items when not yet added to the policy.
  • Automatic jewelry coverage increases to match industry trends.
  • Jewelry works in progress – Protection against loss to jewelry with a commissioned designer.
  • Jewelry and fine arts consignment coverage – Coverage for property of others, subject to policy terms.
  • Pays up to 150% for scheduled articles to account for market value fluctuations.
  • Blanket coverage – Up to $50,000 per item.
  • Receive vault credit or safe credit for keeping your items in a secured location.

With Cincinnati’s Capstone Collector Auto Endorsement1, you’ll have the flexibility to insure, for physical damage, all of your personally owned antique, classic or exotic vehicles or motorcycles along with the rest of your valuable articles.

Features you’ll appreciate:

  • agreed value – Up to an additional 150%
  • worldwide coverage
  • no deductible
  • roadside assistance, including towing and labor
  • spare parts
  • no mileage restrictions
  • coverage for newly acquired vehicles
  • full glass window breakage
  • coverage for diminished value

1Not available in all states.

Whether you are a seasoned collector or just getting started, we strive to serve you by providing the information you need to maintain your high-value pieces and to keep them safe.

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