You deserve Everything Insurance Should Be®, including specialized coverage features, limits and options tailored for the more complex insurance needs of clients with homes starting at $1 million. Backed by Cincinnati’s financial strength, stability and ethical approach to claims, we will be there to help you recover financially after a covered loss.

The Cincinnati Executive Capstone program covers the full cost to rebuild your home, in most states, and uses professionals to help establish the cost to reconstruct your home with all its special features. Additional coverages include:

  • Water damage due to sump pump failure, backup of a sewer or drain.
  • Loss from operating your golf cart to visit friends, go shopping or to the golf course as long as your golf cart is not licensed for road use.
  • Wildfire Protection Service provides potentially home-saving wildfire mitigation services. (available in AZ, CA, CO, ID, MT, ND, NM, NV, OR, TX, UT, WA and WY)
  • Kidnap and ransom expense for your or a covered family member who is wrongfully taken or detained.
Note: Coverages below are not available in all states, and additional premiums may apply.


    • Capstone Family Shield – While anywhere in the world, you and your family receive expenses to help with recovery and extra security should any of you become a victim of air or road rage, hijacking, carjacking, child abduction, home invasion or stalking.
    • Assisted Living Care – You receive coverage for personal belongings and personal liability protection for relatives or domestic partners living in assisted living or long-term care facilities.
    • Preferred Primary Flood:
      • Provides a comprehensive flood solution that will replace a National Flood Insurance Program policy up to the limits of the homeowner policy.
      • Covers detached and other structures, basements and improvements.
      • Includes coverage for debris removal.
      • Pays the extra costs to rebuild to current code after a loss.
      • Pays the costs for preventative measures to avoid imminent loss.
    • Capstone Green Upgrades – After a covered loss, help to take care of the planet by rebuilding with environmentally friendly materials.
    • Service Lines Coverage – Add protection to your homeowner policy to guard against potentially expensive failure of utility lines for water supply, waste disposal, electrical power, heating, communications, drainage or compressed air lines.
    • Equipment Breakdown coverage – Helps you manage unexpected, sudden and accidental mechanical or electrical breakdowns (wear and tear is not covered) and covers the cost of diagnosing and repairing insured equipment.
    • Excess Flood Endorsement:
      • Provides higher limits in addition to what is provided by your Cincinnati Preferred Primary Flood or National Flood Insurance Plan.
      • Covers your home, its contents and loss of use and other structures.
      • Applies separate underlying policy limits of $250,000 for home and $100,000 for contents.
    • Home and Auto Loss Deductible Waiver – Instead of paying multiple deductibles on your home, each damaged auto and scheduled items, you will only pay one deductible should the damage be a result of the same occurrence.
    • Large Loss Deductible Waiver – When endorsed, Cincinnati will waive your policy deductible if you suffer a loss of $100,000 or more and your deductible is $50,000 or less. Policy terms and conditions may vary by state, deductible and cause of loss.
    • Loss Prevention Device – Limited coverage for installation of a loss prevention device after a covered claim occurs
    • Personal Lines Cyber Protection – Coverage for professional assistance during a cyber extortion attack
    • Emergency Event Cancelation – Limited coverage for cancelation or reassignment of a planned special event held at your home

At Home Again

When Texas homeowners and collectors Raymond and Marydel experienced serious tornado damage, Cincinnati’s claims team ensured their artwork was professionally restored and made it possible for them to feel at home again.

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