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Insurance Basics

Be Prepared
You can prepare for the unexpected with the proper personal, life or business insurance. Whether you are looking to cover your auto, home, life or business, insurance can help protect you, your family and your assets. Give yourself peace of mind by counting on Cincinnati for exceptional service, quality products, financial stability, and openness and integrity in accounting, governance and management practices.

Review Your Coverages and Consider Value
Schedule a yearly insurance review with your independent agent to review all your insurance, especially when you experience a major change in your life or business. When reviewing your insurance, remember to consider value.

All companies are not alike. When you and your agent choose an insurance company, ask about its financial strength and its reputation for claims service. Consider how much it’s worth to you that your insurance company remains financially sound and responds to claims person to person, paying all that is due under each policy. Cincinnati rates high in all these areas as evidenced by our published rankings, providing value to our policyholders.

Earn Discounts
Depending on the kind of insurance, you may reduce the cost of coverage. Ask your agent about:
  • Good claim history – No claims or a small number of claims over a long period of time can qualify you for premium credits.
  • Healthy living – You may reduce the cost of your coverage by quitting smoking, driving safely and following other healthy habits.
  • Safety equipment – You may reduce your premiums by installing and properly maintaining safety equipment in your auto, home or business.
  • Higher deductibles – A higher deductible generally means a lower premium.
  • Multiple policies – You may qualify for a discount if you package multiple policies with The Cincinnati Insurance Companies.
Report Claims Immediately
If you have a loss, report your claim as soon as possible:<
  • Phone your insurance agent.
  • Ask your agent how to proceed and what forms or documents are needed to support your claim.
  • Keep copies of all receipts and other related paperwork.
Contact an Agent
Cincinnati Insurance serves you exclusively through a select group of independent agencies that perform as premier insurance organizations in their local communities. To obtain a quote, report a claim or learn more about the value of Cincinnati’s insurance policies and reliable claims service, please find your local independent agency today. Coverage and credit availability varies by state. Underwriting requirements apply. This is not a policy.

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