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Your business or organization can face a range of liability risks that could hurt the company’s reputation and its bottom line. Through your independent insurance agent representing The Cincinnati Insurance Companies, you can get the additional protection you need. Our financial strength and superior service mean we’ll be there when your money and your integrity are on the line.

Your agent can help you choose the coverage that fits your needs, reducing the likelihood of coverage gaps or overlaps.

Providing Innovation, Specialization and Flexibility

Since 1982, Cincinnati has written insurance for directors, officers and trustees. As one of the first standard carriers to introduce employment practices liability coverage, we continue to offer innovative coverages that are specifically tailored to your individual situation. Your agent can help you choose the coverage that fits your needs, reducing the likelihood of coverage gaps or overlaps. Our industry-specific Pillar™ management liability program addresses the needs of nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, community associations, health care providers, privately held businesses and financial institutions.

Assessing and Insuring Your Potential Liabilities 

Protecting those with decision-making authority

When directors, officers or members of your management team exercise decision-making authority, they could be held personally liable for the consequences, no matter how unforeseen or unintentional. Parties who believe these decisions hurt them may take legal action against the individuals or your organization, and your defense costs could add up quickly.  With Cincinnati’s Directors and Officers Liability Coverage you can protect not only the financial well-being of your business, but also the assets of your directors and officers. Cincinnati will pay on your behalf those obligations arising from a covered claim whether or not your company is obligated to indemnify your directors and officers.
Protecting those who select and supervise your workers

Cincinnati’s Employment Practices Liability Coverage helps defend you against allegations of discrimination, harassment and other employment-related issues that can surface from past, present or prospective employees who say their rights were violated. In addition, third parties can file claims alleging that you or your employees harassed or otherwise discriminated against them.

As an added value, EPL policyholders have access to Cincinnati’s Employment Connection, a helpline that connects you with a law firm that can offer advice on employment policies and procedures.

Responding to the unimaginable

Consider adding our workplace violence option to your EPL policy to help with recovery expenses after an event involving the use of deadly force or threat of it with a lethal weapon. After an incident, you can call our 24-hour hotline for assistance in taking care of your employees and your organization’s operations. The hotline is monitored by a business unit of Empathia Inc., Black Swan Solutions, an outside vendor and leader in supporting organizations affected by crisis. While Black Swan offers a variety of services, your policy only covers those outlined. You have no obligation to use the services of Black Swan Solutions, but they are available if you want to consult with an expert in crisis management.
Protecting those who monitor and manage employees' retirement plans

Congress enacted the Employee Retirement Income Security Act to outline specific responsibilities for fiduciaries, the individuals who have discretionary control of the administration and assets of employee pension and retirement plans, such as a 401(k). While you may have the required ERISA employee dishonesty bond to protect you against theft by a plan’s trustee, consider Cincinnati’s Fiduciary Liability Coverage for defense against allegations of mismanagement or administration errors.
Protecting those who conduct business through digital interactions

Digital information and the internet changed the way small and large organizations conduct business and created new and complex risks, such as security breaches, information theft and cyberattacks. Even a groundless claim can drain your organization’s cash and resources as you respond to a security breach or lengthy litigation. Consider protecting your business with cyber risk insurance from Cincinnati.

Protecting your assets

Pillar Crime coverage provides you our most robust and flexible crime option. You can choose the features and limits to customize your coverage. Or, if you don’t need a wide array of coverages or high limits, you can choose one of our crime bundles, XC® or XC+®. For a flat charge and minimal requirements to qualify, you receive fixed limits to insure against:

  Crime XC Limit Crime XC+ Limit
Employee theft (blanket including ERISA coverage) $10,000 $25,000
Forgery $2,500 $25,000

Money and securities

inside the premises

outside the premises







 Money orders and counterfeit money $10,000 $25,000

Social Engineering Fraud – Consider adding an additional coverage option for this evolving kind of crime. It involves scams committed to trick an unsuspecting employee into parting with your money, securities or tangible property by using email, phone calls or other means.


Protecting those who advise and assist your customers

Today’s financial institutions do more than make loans and take deposits. Investment advice, electronic data processing, loan servicing, incidental trust services and other activities are becoming more prevalent. With each new service you offer, you face further exposure to allegations of wrongdoing by your customers. With the addition of Cincinnati’s Bankers Professional Liability Coverage, you can get liability protection for the day-to-day professional operations of your institution.
Protecting those who manage and administer trusts

While a trust department is vital to many financial institutions, it also can be a source of lawsuits from clients. People make honest errors. Even fulfilling the terms of the document as you understand it can’t guarantee you won’t be sued, especially if someone does not receive the financial results originally expected. Cincinnati’s Trust Services Errors and Omissions Coverage helps protect the financial well-being of your financial institution, individual directors and officers and your employees against allegations of wrongdoing in managing and administering trusts.
Protecting your bank from dishonest actions

When you need to protect your assets as well as those of your customers, you want coverage that is tailored to the services you provide. With the addition of Cincinnati’s Depository Institution Bond, your commercial bank, savings bank or savings and loan can get statutory and optional crime coverages. This bond allows you to choose from a variety of optional insuring agreements and endorsements that provide you with a bond suited to your particular institution’s needs.


Nonprofits have a lot to contend with – and often on a modest budget. We can help.

Through Cincinnati’s relationship with Nonprofit Risk Management Center, a respected leader in the risk management space, you can tackle the topics your nonprofit cares about: youth protection, workplace safety, volunteer management, reputation risk, legal compliance, insurance program oversight, fiscal oversight and fraud protection, employment practices, governance and more. 

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