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When it comes to protecting the people and things you cherish most, you want the best insurance you can get. If you want the insider track, ask a professional. Independent insurance agents represent a variety of companies. Find out which insurance company your independent insurance agent uses for themself. For many of the agents we serve, we're proud to say that Cincinnati Insurance is where they place their trust.

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  • From Gary L., a personal policyholder, client of Henriott Group: “I would like to convey my utmost satisfaction in my field claims representative’s handling of our claim. He was extremely professional and timely in all aspects of the remediation and restoration. Being this was my first homeowner’s claim in over 40 years of home ownership and being a relative new client of Cincinnati, I wasn’t sure what to expect. He was responsive, fair and most importantly, showed his sensitivity to the challenges we faced throughout the claims process. I am now a Cincinnati client for life. Every chance I get, I will share with others how your fine company treats clients when they face a claim like mine. Thank you so much for your service.

  • From Kenneth W., business and personal policyholder, client of AssuredPartners NL: “I commend my field claims representative for the personal outstanding attention you paid regarding our accident. It has been a great comfort to my wife and I to know that he was there to see that nothing fell through the cracks. We’ve been with Cincinnati, both in business and personal, for over 35 years. The reason being is people like our field claims representative, who have taken a personal interest in us. Over the years, we have had many opportunities to save premium dollars by switching insurers. But, we have found there is no greater value in knowing that the folks at Cincinnati Insurance have our back and will continue to serve our best interest, even at an inconvenience to themselves.”

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