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Your local, professional independent agent works with Cincinnati’s field staff to put our claims service right where you need it – in your neighborhood.

From helping you back on your feet after a claim, to helping your family or business reduce risk, they treat each service request with the care they would show a neighbor. We focus on building a relationship with you, not just completing a transaction. The result is an extraordinarily low complaint ratio, as measured by state insurance regulators and published on the Consumer Information Source of

Our claims representative has been very informative, understanding, supportive and quick to respond."

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  • From Aloha W., a personal policyholder, client of First West, Inc, Bozeman, MT: “My field claims representative has been so incredibly helpful! I always tell my kids that there is a bright side to everything that happens, and she has definitely been the bright side of these recent ordeals. She has been very informative, understanding, supportive and quick to respond. She is thoughtful and considerate when people need it most! I can’t possibly say enough about how much her help has meant to me in this process. I will be singing the praises of Cincinnati Insurance to everyone I know!”
  • From Gary L., a personal policyholder, client of Henriott Group, Lafayette, IN: “I would like to convey my utmost satisfaction in my field claims representative’s handling of our claim. He was extremely professional and timely in all aspects of the remediation and restoration. Being this was my first homeowner’s claim in over 40 years of home ownership and being a relative new client of Cincinnati, I wasn’t sure what to expect. He was responsive, fair and most importantly, showed his sensitivity to the challenges we faced throughout the claims process. I am now a Cincinnati client for life. Every chance I get, I will share with others how your fine company treats clients when they face a claim like mine. Thank you so much for your service.”

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