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Falls are the top cause of construction fatalities and account for one-third of on-the-job injury deaths in the industry. Each year in the United States, more than 200 construction workers are killed and more than 10,000 are seriously injured by falls. Preventing falls and protecting workers starts at the top, according to this construction company owner. More information is available at the Stop Construction Falls website.

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Most teens see graduation as the end of adolescence and the beginning of their next phase of life: a rite of passage into adulthood. It is a time for celebration, but both parents and graduates should consider ways to keep the celebration safe.     Crime Stoppers of Houston offers tips for students and parents: Students Share your graduation and post-graduation party plans with your parents. Make sure your cell phone is fully charged. Wear a seat belt – even in the back seat. Stay with a group of friends and watch[.....]

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Highway safety experts blame inattentive – or distracted – driving for 80 percent of all car accidents. So with just a few seconds of additional awareness of the road around us, we could potentially eliminate around 80 percent of crashes. How can just a few seconds make a difference? Consider the distance traveled by a vehicle running down the highway at 60 mph, or one mile a minute. That’s one sixtieth of a mile per second, or about 88 feet. So much can happen in 88 feet. So much more[.....]

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When leasing a building for your business, you have an obligation as a tenant to compensate the building owner for damage caused by your operations. It pays to be familiar with your insurance policy to assure that you have no coverage gaps or surprises in the event of a loss. Almost every standardized commercial insurance policy provides tenants with some coverage for certain types of loss under these circumstances. This coverage can usually be found in a Commercial General Liability endorsement and is usually very limited. Historically, the endorsement was[.....]

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Distracted driving can take on a new dimension when railroad tracks are nearby. This video from Operation Lifesaver demonstrates why drivers need to be vigilant.

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