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Cincinnati’s products are offered exclusively through a select group of premier independent agencies. As a member of your community, independent agents take the time to understand what matters most to you and to apply their expertise to identify risks and customize insurance policies to meet your needs.

I had never filed an insurance claim before and didn't know what to expect. Cincinnati Insurance exceeded my expectations.
My claims adjuster was very professional and very easy to work with. Five star guy!
The BEST. Thank you for your awesome Customer Service.


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Maintain your hardscape cobblestone and paver walkways

Cobblestone or interlocking paver driveways or sidewalks can be an attractive addition to your property, providing an architectural element not possible with cement or blacktop; however, cobblestone f...


Never leave a wet floor unattended or unmarked

When unexpected spills, tracked-in snow or rain, leaking appliances or other sources lead to floor contamination, your employees’ response can easily be the difference between a slip and fall, prompti...


Vacation nightmare… times two

They say that homes that experience one water loss are likely to experience more. After experiencing two separate water heater leaks in our home while my family was away on vacation, I guess it’s true...


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