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Life Claim

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Annuity Claim

Disability Claim


We want to make completing the claims process as easy for you as possible, especially when you may be experiencing a significant loss. Please review these questions and answers and contact your agent or Cincinnati Life if you need assistance.
  • Life claim – Claimant’s Statement for Life Insurance Benefits
  • Annuity claim – Annuity Death Claim Packet
  • Certified death certificate
  • Original policy (if lost, please note this on the claim form)
  • Additional requirements may be necessary, depending on the claim
An original death certificate is required when the face amount of the policy or policies equals $100,000 or more. A copy may be submitted if the total coverage is less than that amount. You may obtain a certified original death certificate from your state or local health department or the funeral home that performed services.
No, we must have a certified death certificate showing the final cause and manner of death to process a claim.

You select the method of payment you prefer when you complete the Claimant’s Statement. Contact your tax adviser with questions about which option would be best for you. Choices include:

  • One of the settlement options listed in the policy
  • A lump sum payment in the form of a check or Electronic Funds Transfer; EFT requires you to submit a voided check with your claim.
  • A Benefit Access Account® where available
Yes, proceeds can be paid directly to a third party if the beneficiary executes an assignment of benefits form. This form, provided by the funeral home, cemetery or other party, must include the policy number and amount of assignment.
Life insurance benefits are generally not taxable to the beneficiary; however, any interest paid may be taxed. Annuities may produce taxable gains. Please contact your tax adviser with questions.
  • When a primary beneficiary dies before the insured, benefits are paid to any remaining primary beneficiaries. If there are none, proceeds are paid to any named contingent beneficiaries. A copy of the primary beneficiary’s death certificate is required in cases involving contingent beneficiaries.
  • If no beneficiary survives the insured, benefits are payable to the insured’s estate.
  • If benefits are payable to an estate, a court-appointed representative must complete the Claimant’s Statement on behalf of the estate and provide a copy of the appointment papers to Cincinnati Life. If there is no estate, we suggest you contact an attorney or the county probate court to obtain information about estate administration.
We require a guardian of the minor’s estate to be named to accept the proceeds, which may delay claim payment. We suggest you contact an attorney when a minor is named as beneficiary.
No, we will provide a Trustee Certification that must be completed and signed by the trustee. If there are multiple trustees, each must sign a claim form and trustee certification.
No, payment for your portion of the death benefit will be issued once you submit all required documentation and your claim is approved.
If a name was changed due to marriage or divorce, a copy of the marriage certificate or divorce decree is required. If a name was changed due to personal preference, we require a court document indicating the name change from birth name to the requested name.
  • Agent’s Certification – from the agent who completed the application
  • Physician’s statement – completed by insured’s primary physician
  • Authorization for Release of Information – included in Claimant’s Statement
  • Employer Certification – if the policy was purchased through association with a current or former employer
  • Medical records or other information requested by our Life Claims department as needed
You can contact the insurance department of the state in which the insured resided, or you may try the NAIC Life Insurance Policy Locator System.
  • Call Life Claims, 888-212-6970
  • Email
  • Speak with the agent who wrote the policy
  • Contact your tax adviser with questions about your tax situation
  • Visit related posts at for general information