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In recent years, golf course operators have added services to attract new members and boost revenue. Snack bars, enhanced swimming pool amenities and larger banquet and fitness facilities also increase the potential for slips and falls. Like any business, a golf course should be inspected regularly to identify and reduce hazards. Golf course operators should pay special attention to cart paths and steps leading to tee boxes and other raised playing surfaces. Here are some tips for golf course operators – or any business owner.   Download the PDF

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The insurance industry is growing and has a high need for talented professionals with a variety of training and skills. Recruiters are asking job seekers “where do you fit in?” In this series, Cincinnati Insurance associates describe their own career journeys. — If you had asked the wide-eyed, over-excited Justin Sharp what he would be doing once he graduated from the University of Kentucky, the answer definitely would not have been insurance. After rolling through the motions of switching majors, I finally landed on English education. The prospect of teaching[.....]

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Whether you operate a bank, savings and loan, credit union, household finance or mortgage company, you need to protect your organization’s own assets to ensure that you remain open for business. Your clients depend on you for services such as mortgages and other loans, night depositories, checking and savings accounts and ATMs. A financial company’s assets go beyond traditional assets such as buildings and contents. Your insurance coverage should be tailored to include unique exposures you may have, such as: Broad coverage for damage to special property such as bulletproof[.....]

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Do you worry about your privacy on popular personal electronic devices and social networks? You’re not alone. Keep your stuff secure and private by managing your online privacy settings while still being sociable. Privacy settings can be complex, but you can exercise control over who can and can’t see your personal information. A good rule of thumb is to set up privacy settings for “private” or “friends only” to keep your personal information and location out of the wrong hands. Certain information such as Social Security numbers, bank account numbers,[.....]

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Driving a vehicle is so ingrained in our daily routine we don’t think twice about the risk that this simple activity carries. But operators of home health care services should consider the risk that auto travel poses to your business and to your employees. By putting appropriate controls in place, employers can help their licensed medical staff arrive safely to care for clients. COMPANY-OWNED VEHICLE Employers who provide a company vehicle can reduce the chance of an accident by training employees in safe driving practices, creating a written driver safety[.....]

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