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Everyone knows to call 911 for emergency rescue, safety or medical services. But sometimes when disaster threatens or strikes, you must act immediately to shut off utility service while you wait for help to arrive. As part of disaster planning for your home or business, locate and tag your utilities, and think through the scenarios that might require action. Whether a disaster causes you to stay put or evacuate, consider: WATER SERVICE – When a pipe breaks suddenly or when there’s a threat of below-freezing weather, you may need to[.....]

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Gold and diamonds and furs, oh my! While your homeowners policy may cover valuables when lost, stolen or damaged, many policies limit the valuation of items such as jewelry, silverware, works of art, furs or collectibles. That policy may pay only the limit and not cover the full value of each item. If you have items of value, ask your local independent insurance agent about personal articles coverage. COVERAGE YOU NEED You receive better protection for certain valuables with personal articles coverage because you can schedule each item at its[.....]

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When you’re shopping for homeowner insurance, remember that policies can vary widely. Some coverages may be included, and others may be available for additional premium. Here are some questions you might want to ask your independent insurance agent: Is my home covered for full replacement cost? This is one of the key distinctions between homeowner policies, and you’ll want to know the answer. If your home is covered only for its current market value – or worse, your loan amount – you are likely underinsured and would not be able[.....]

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You recognize the need for life insurance, but two important questions remain: How much coverage do you need? What information is needed to justify the amount of coverage? Depending on the reason you are applying for life insurance, there are several ways to determine the amount of coverage you need. Family income protection is one of the main reasons people apply for life insurance. In order to assess your life insurance need, the insurer will need to know your age and income at the time of the application. One simple[.....]

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The May edition of ClubSolutions Magazine, a publication for health club operators, features an article by Brian Rawlings, Target Market Manager for Cincinnati’s Fitness & Recreation program. He outlines what health and fitness clubs can do to protect the safety and well-being of children in their care.  Provide a Safe Club Environment for Children Many health clubs offer programs and opportunities that cater to children: child watch, summer camps, preschool programs, swim lessons, after-school care, youth sports and more. While everyone’s safety is a priority, health club management has a duty — both legally[.....]

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