Residential Business Program

You’re in business! Like many business owners, you operate out of your own home. What you may not know is that most homeowner policies do not cover your small business activities. Homeowner policies offer very limited business coverage that is not likely to meet your needs. 

Cincinnati has your solution. With our Residential Business Program, you can add coverage for your small incidental business to your Cincinnati homeowner policy. Many businesses are eligible, including:

  • craft makers
  • music teachers
  • home products distributors
  • secretarial service providers
  • photographers

Your business needs and deserves the financial protection you get with Residential Business Program:

  • business personal property coverage
  • repair or replacement of damaged business records following a covered loss
  • up to $5,000 coverage automatically included for lost income due to business interruption caused by a covered loss
  • liability coverage, up to your homeowner policy limits, for bodily injury, personal injury or property damage in connection with the business whether at or away from your residence, including injury caused by services you provide or products you sell or distribute

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