Protection for Your Professional Liability

As a dedicated professional, you focus on the people you serve. You can take steps to keep unnecessary worries from interfering with your professional activities and services. Cincinnati can help. You may be eligible to add high limits of professional liability insurance to your Cincinnati homeowner, condominium or tenants policy.

This coverage pays sums that you are legally obligated to pay because of injury arising out of professional services you performed or failed to perform in your business. Just as important, we defend you and your good name when such situations lead to a lawsuit against you, even if the allegations are groundless, false or fraudulent.

Some of our most popular professional liability policies include:

Get More Coverage for Less

Choose Cincinnati’s Professional Liability Policy for up to $200,000 of protection per claim. To add more protection to your Cincinnati Professional Liability policy, choose Cincinnati’s Personal Umbrella Liability Policy and extend it to cover your professional liability for up to $1 million or more.

For convenience, protection and peace of mind, you can add professional liability coverage to your Cincinnati homeowner policy. Simplify your life with just one policy, one bill, one renewal date, one agent.

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