Replacement cost for your home's contents

Choosing replacement cost coverage on your home’s contents is easy and could be worth hundreds, even thousands of dollars to your family in the event of a covered loss. Most homeowner insurance polices cover your personal property for its actual cash value. You may prefer to cover your contents for the cost to replace them, new for old, by requesting replacement cost contents coverage. Some of the benefits to adding Cincinnati’s replacement cost contents include:

  • Losses on contents are paid at replacement cost not actual cash value. Actual cash value is replacement cost less reasonable depreciation. The actual cash value of your household property is what the items are worth at the time of a covered loss. For example, a television set usually lasts about 10 years. If you own a five-year-old TV, about half of its life is used up. While you would pay $800 to replace it with a new one, its actual cash value is around $400. Homeowners insurance pays actual cash value (after the deductible) for your damaged or stolen TV.
  • Replacement cost up to your full contents limit. Cincinnati’s replacement cost contents coverage lets you recover costs up to the full amount of your contents insurance following a covered loss. Other “replacement cost” plans may limit your recovery to four times your damaged property’s actual cash value. Your ten-year-old TV with an actual cash value of $100 would cost $800 to replace, and in this example you might get only $400. With Cincinnati’s replacement cost contents coverage, you would get the full $800.

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This coverage applies to most of your contents; however, it does not apply to items of rarity, antiquity, sentimental value or to items insured under the special limits of liability such as, but not limited to, jewelry, watches, furs and guns. Coverage availability varies by state. Underwriting requirements apply. To obtain a quote or learn more about the value of Cincinnati’s replacement cost contents or to discuss options for insuring your special valuables and reliable claims service, please find your local independent agency today.

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