Identity Theft Expense Coverage and Advocacy Service

The number of identity theft cases has risen dramatically. You can add coverage on your Cincinnati homeowner policy to recover your expenses and consult an advocate who guides you through the maze of restoring your identity. Or, receive this coverage at no additional cost when you have our Executive Classic Homeowner Policy. If you have ever worried about or experienced an identity theft loss, this protection can increase your peace of mind.

Access a Professional Advocate
When a covered event compromises your identity, you have access to personal assistance for:

  • Correcting credit reports
  • Clearing up criminal records if charges were inaccurately entered against you
  • Completing paperwork

Recover up to $25,000
Expenses can add up quickly. We reimburse you for your expenses up to a total of $25,000:

  • Costs to notarize and to certify mail for fraud affidavits
  • Lost wages at $250 per day up to $10,000
  • Loan application fees required when you reapply for a loan denied due to identity theft
  • Reasonable fees for attorneys you hire with our prior approval to defend against lawsuits, to remove wrongly entered criminal or civil judgments or to challenge the accuracy or completeness of information in your consumer credit report

Contact an Agent
Cincinnati Insurance serves you exclusively through a select group of agencies that perform as premier insurance organizations in their local communities. To obtain a quote, report a claim or learn more about the value of Cincinnati’s insurance polices and reliable claims service, please find your local independent agency today. Coverage and credit availability varies by state. Underwriting requirements apply. This is not a policy.

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