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Protection for Your Business Data and Personal Identity

Cincinnati’s Data Compromise and Identity Recovery Expense Coverage added to your property policy helps you to safeguard your business and comply with privacy laws before, during and after a data or identity breach – potentially costly and time consuming events.

Covered expenses include your business response to a breach of sensitive company data that could occur due to stolen laptops, lost luggage, compromised computer systems or misdirected mail; or your individual response to an actual or threatened identity theft:

  • Data compromise expense coverage helps you to respond to a breach of the personally identifying information of customers, clients or your employees. You also receive access to services that help you protect your company’s good name, including:

            -ongoing breach preparation tools and services

            -help with assessing a breach and responding appropriately

            -assistance with required notifications to affected people, credit bureau or government offices

            -support from a fraud specialist to assist affected individuals in resolving an identity fraud incident

  • Identity recovery expense coverage helps individual stakeholders, such as individual business owners, majority owners or a chief executive, to respond to a potential or actual identity theft event, including:

            -reimbursement for covered expenses

            -case management services

            -access to a toll-free help line for questions about responding to identity theft or account takeover

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