Find an Agency® – Specialized Industry Online Training

The Cincinnati Insurance Companies have teamed up with to offer our commercial policyholders discounted rates on industry-specific online training that can help your business:

  • improve productivity and efficiency
  • reduce risk and injury
  • protect the public

You can access a variety of bundled online products, including training for:

  • Golf & Country Clubs –Courses include: Creating an Honest & Theft-free Workplace, Harassment & Discrimination: Hiring High-Quality Diverse Candidates, Learn2serve Off-Premises (for Washington D.C. only), Food Handler Training and State-Approved Food-Handler Course (for Texas only). Bundled price: $25 per person.
  • Educational Institutions – Courses include: Driver Safety for Large Trucks & Buses and Emergency Action Plan. Bundled price: $10 per person.
  • Manufacturing – Courses include: Ergonomics for Manufacturing, State-of-the-Art Approach to Food Safety, Food Handler Training, State-Approved Food -Handler Training (for Texas only). Bundled price: $25 per person.
  • Medical Facilities & Fitness Recreation – Courses include: Emergency Preparedness, Fire Safety and General Fire Safety. Bundled price: $10 per person.
  • Social Services – Courses include: Supervisor Drug & Alcohol Awareness and Defensive Driving. Bundled price: $40 per person.
  • Utility Services – Courses include: The Clean Water Act & Day-to-Day Requirements and Excavation Safety. Bundled price: $15 per person.
  • Home Health Care – Courses include: Documentation & Reporting, Preventing Medication Errors, Infection Control for Healthcare Professionals, National Patient Safety Goals and Patient Rights. To request training, please call 360training, 866-959-6230.

How Do I Sign Up?

To order online training or to request additional information about all training courses except for Home Health Care, please visit Cincinnati’s partner page, and choose Career Options to view available courses. For Home Health Care training, please call 866-959-6230. Cincinnati does not warrant any services that may be provided by third-party affiliates.

The selection of a particular service provider is the independent choice of the policyholder. Service providers are not affiliated with The Cincinnati Insurance Companies. Cincinnati and its employees make no warranties and assume no liability for services, products or loss control measures provided by service providers.

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