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SchoolDistrictU and LocalGovU – Educational Institutions and Government Entity Online Training

The Cincinnati Insurance Companies have teamed up with SchoolDistrictU and LocalGovU to offer our commercial policyholders practical learning opportunities through custom courses written specifically for the needs of your local government entity or educational institution:

  • course topics are geared toward safety, liability and workers’ compensation issues
  • content is interesting; students are not just given facts to memorize
  • a learning management system documents user progress and results, including how much time has been spent on the material 
  • reports at your fingertips 24/7 for all users in your account

Plus, with more than 10 years of experience in online learning, the SchoolDistrictU and LocalGovU system is easy to use. You’ll receive a 30 percent discounted rate per course title. There are no set up costs or annual maintenance fees, and they offer generous discounts for volume purchases.

What Courses Are Available?

SchoolDistrictU offers more than 100 courses and LocalGovU offers more than 180 courses, such as:

  • Human Resources – Harassment, Diversity in the Workplace, Cyber Bullying and Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Safety and Environment – Bloodborne Pathogens, Electrical & Fire Safety and Defensive Driving
  • Productivity – Microsoft Excel, Effective Presentation Basics and Writing Effective Emails
  • Management – Supervisory Skills, Generational Differences and Transition from Peer to Supervisor
  • Customer Service – A Welcoming Customer Culture and Handling Difficult Customers
  • Law Enforcement – Law Enforcement Liability, Risk Management for Law Enforcement and Use of Force
  • Health – Eating Right for Health & Fitness, Pandemic Planning and Understanding Asperger Syndrome
  • Corrections – Escort of Inmates, Contraband Control and Alcohol Abuse Emergencies in Jails

How Do I Sign Up?

To order online training, request additional information or create an account, please complete LocalGovU’s online contact form or complete SchoolDistrictU’s online contact form. You may also email or Please refer to your affiliation with Cincinnati Insurance to receive the discounted pricing. Cincinnati does not warrant any services that may be provided by third-party affiliates.

The selection of a particular service provider is the independent choice of the policyholder. Service providers are not affiliated with The Cincinnati Insurance Companies. Cincinnati and its employees make no warranties and assume no liability for services, products or loss control measures provided by service providers.

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