Enhanced Replacement Cost

Policyholders with Cincinnati’s Executive Classic have built-in Guaranteed Replacement Cost coverage. Policyholders with most other Cincinnati homeowner products can add Enhanced Replacement Cost coverage, an exceptional value, worth thousands of dollars to you and your family. It covers the amount of a loss to your home that exceeds the coverage limits you purchased, as specified on your policy declarations page.

Be Sure You Can Rebuild
Marshall and Swift/Boeckh, the leading expert in home reconstruction values, says that 58 percent of homes have inadequate coverage limits. No one really knows the exact replacement cost of a home until a loss happens. Cost to rebuild often surpasses the original cost of purchase depending on many factors. Your local independent agent can help you estimate values to rebuild or replace your home, but such calculations are far from an exact science.

You can ensure some room for error by building Enhanced Replacement Cost coverage into your homeowner policy. Enhanced Replacement Cost pays up to 25 percent above the limit specified for your dwelling on your policy declarations page, just in case it costs you more when you replace or rebuild your home after a covered loss.

You may also want to consider our Inflation Guard coverage.

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Cincinnati Insurance serves you exclusively through a select group of independent agencies that perform as premier insurance organizations in their local communities. To obtain a quote, report a claim or learn more about the value of Cincinnati’s insurance polices and reliable claims service, please find your local independent agency today. Coverage and credit availability varies by state. Underwriting requirements apply. This is not a policy.


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