Leasing and Financing

Since 1970, CFC Investment Company has provided commercial leasing services to independent insurance agents, their commercial clients and other businesses.

Typical CFC Lease Structure

CFC Investment Company specializes in small ticket leases up to $175,000. The majority of these are total payout leases* that are based on the total expense of the equipment and its anticipated useful life. Compared with other types of leases, total payout leases are more like bank loans.

*Please consult your tax adviser to determine the tax effects of a total payout lease.

Types of Equipment and Vehicles

CFC Investment Company offers financing for a variety operations:

  • Manufacturing
  • Material Handling
  • Office
  • Computers
  • Health and Medical
  • Commercial
  • Construction
  • Printing
  • Vehicles
  • Fitness

CFC Investment Company does not finance airplanes or boats.

Businesses That Qualify

CFC-I offers financing for equipment and vehicles used in a variety of businesses. Your business may qualify if it has at least three years of profitable operations.

For more information, email leasing@cinfin.com or call 513-870-2203.

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