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Boaters and marina visitors should be aware of the hazards of swimming in dock areas and the phenomenon of electric shock drowning (ESD). The Electric Shock Drowning Prevention Association reports at least 60 deaths from ESD since experts began tracking the phenomenon. HOW DOES ESD OCCUR? ESD risks in marinas and dock areas may not be obvious to observers. For example: ungrounded alternating current (AC) electrical wires may contact the water surface. Swimmers near the point of electrical contact experience electrical shock as the current passes through the water. Voltage[.....]

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A refreshing pool on a hot day can be so inviting. Children of all ages enjoy splashing in the cool waters in private home-based pools, swim clubs, health clubs, country clubs and public pools. With this fun comes great responsibility. To make sure everyone leaves the pool happy and healthy, pool owners and operators should take steps to prevent injury and drowning. Television and movies often show drowning as a dramatic event with victims thrashing and calling for help or lifeguards springing into action for the save. While these instances[.....]

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Many American families and businesses show their pride by flying the flag on patriotic holidays or perhaps every day. The flag can be a stirring symbol of freedom that unites neighborhoods and communities. You can display the flag with patriotic pride by following the guidelines outlined in the U.S. Flag Code. The code describes the correct way to fly a flag under many conditions: on a vertical pole, an angled staff, in a stand, in a parade or suspended from a building or stage. The code also explains the protocols[.....]

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Bike use is on the rise in many American cities as more communities work to promote bike-friendly practices. This video from the League of American Bicyclists demonstrates how bikes and cars both must obey traffic laws and share the road.

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Part 1 of 2 – Unique architectural features can greatly enhance the value of your building. The range of materials found in today’s architecture is vast and changing constantly as new materials and technologies are developed. Vintage or custom features such as wall surfaces, tile and carvings are just a few of the items you’ll want to preserve. One material might be used several different ways in the same building. For example, ceramic tile could be found as both bathroom flooring and on the exterior façade. Glass may be used[.....]

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