Dentist's General Liability

Cincinnati’s business general liability provides you:

  • An occurrence trigger for bodily injury and property damage for premises operations and products liability up to $1,000,000** each occurrence.
  • Protection for personal and advertising injury.
  • Medical expenses up to $5,000** per person.
  • Coverage for damage to premises rented to you.
  • On-premises exception to pollution exclusion (for injuries caused by vapors).
  • Protection for employees as insureds.
  • Employers hired and non-owned automobile coverage when auto used for business (provided as Auto Liability in Illinois, Vermont and Wisconsin).

**Coverage may be increase for an additional charge.

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Cincinnati Insurance serves you exclusively through a select group of independent agencies that perform as premier insurance organizations in their local communities. To obtain a quote, report a claim or learn more about the value of Cincinnati’s insurance polices and reliable claims service, please find your local independent agency today. For other questions or more information, call Mike Terrell at 800-769-0548 or email Coverage and credit availability varies by state. Underwriting requirements apply. This is not a policy.

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