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We safeguard any personal information you provide to us with a secure server and the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security protocol. Only browsers that use 128-bit encryption are able to use this site for online transactions.

You are in the secure mode if:

  • the “http” in the Web address is replaced by “https”
  • depending on your browser, you see a padlock, a solid key or a similar icon in the lower section of the browser window

Accessibility Aids
These features give you broad access and readability:

  • Alt tags for images
    Images on our site are accompanied by alt tags that may be visible if your browser supports the alt-text function. When you place your cursor over an image, alt tags provide text that describes the image.
  • Links
    Most links are blue, and links within blocks of text are underlined. Visited links in results sets change from blue to brown; the color remains brown until you clear the history of visited sites and pages from your Web browser. Also, some left navigation menus include an “expand all” option, enabling you to see all links in the menu at a glance.

For a quick, easy way to find information on the site, use the site search engine in the header on any page of the site.

Site Map
A link to the site map is located in the bottom navigation bar on every page. The site map is like a book's table of contents, making it easier for you to find information.

Online Services Help
For assistance with online services for policyholders, please see the online services help page

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To see how we collect, use and protect information, please view our privacy policies.

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You can easily reach us by email, by telephone or postal mail.

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