Reduce Losses From Auto Accidents

Auto accidents are serious and costly. They can cause injuries, some of which result in permanent disability or even death. Costs also include damage to vehicles and property, lost work time for injured employees, lost productivity and third-party liability.

These simple suggestions may help you reduce losses from auto accidents:

  • Allow only insured and qualified drivers with good driving records to operate your company’s vehicles.
  • Limit your drivers’ personal use of company vehicles.
  • Implement safe driving practices and procedures to help control your auto losses.
  • Review your drivers’ motor vehicle records periodically to determine if additional training is necessary.
  • Implement and enforce a policy to address the use of electronic devices, including cell phones, while vehicles are in motion.
  • Require and verify that adequate insurance is in place for personal vehicles that are used for company business.
  • Create a driver training program, giving your drivers the knowledge and skills to safely drive your company’s vehicles.
  • Give your drivers a road test before they drive your company’s vehicles.
  • Provide an incentive program to encourage your drivers to drive safely.
  • Properly maintain your company’s vehicles.
  • Develop a required daily maintenance checklist for your drivers to complete. This provides you with a written report of any problems and the opportunity to fix them.
  • Establish accident analysis procedures, helping management to determine the cause of accidents and to avoid future problems.

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